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Rasta Rashid

Co-founder & President of MBDA

“A fashion designer, fashionpreneur, mentor, figurehead and a spokesperson for students of Fashion Vocational College, Batik trendsetter and not contented with just being the costume queen. Rasta Rashid also wears the hat of President of the Malaysian Bumiputra Designer Association. A position that enables her to provide the platform for all designers.

Founder of her own label Batek by Rasta Rashid. She has carved out a name for the uniqueness of her Batik which is the head design that sits on the Batik Sarong known as Pucuk Rebung which instantly recognisable on the back of all her designs including shirts, dresses and blazers.


Her inspiring ingenuity saw the introduction of vivid, energetic Batik wear that has been recognised by Tatler Malaysia as the top 10 indie Batik designers in the country. She was awarded as the Top 60 Female Business Icon in Malaysia by Nona Magazine.

Batek by Rasta Rashid has been at numerous Fashion shows. Namely Malaysia Fashion Week, Borneo Fashion Week, Singapore Fashion Week and Malaysia Indian Fashion Festival 2017. Batek by Rasta Rashid made her debut in Miami Modest Fashion Week in November 2019.






: Batek by Rasta Rashid

: Men, Women & Activewear

: Made-To-Measure & Ready-To-Wear

: Batik & Ballet/Dance Costumes


Bon Zainal Harun

Founder of MBDA

“The General Of The Style Soldiers, Personal Branding Advisor, Menswear Maestro, Fashion and Style Aficionado. His favourite advise; "never underestimate the power of a nice well fitting suit”

As a designer and founder of Bon Fashion Legacy Sdn Bhd.

He has dressed many Heads of States, Organisation Leaders, Ministers and CEOs earning him the crown of Malaysia’s King of Menswear. He was also an adjunct lecturer to MSU’s Fashion Marketing & Special Project and Industrial Advisory Board for Inti College.


In 2016 he assumed the role of Master Trainer One Academy (ESMOD KUALA LUMPUR) and Master Trainer, SAITO College. Bon has conducted and participated in numerous workshops, trainings and talks on branding and fashion to a number of learning institutions, associations and corporate clients.


Besides taking an active role in MBDA, managing is own labels, he is also the Country Counsellor of Council of Asian Fashion Designers (CAFD) and Co-Chairman of Malaysia Fashion Week.





: BonZainal

: Men & Activewear

: Made-To-Measure & Ready-To-Wear

: Tailored Men's Suits

About MBDA

A design association and ecosystem

that continuously grows and evolve

The Malaysian Bumiputra Designer Association (MBDA) is a collaborative effort by key pioneers to encourage growth and innovation in the Malaysian Fashion Industry. Consisting of Malaysian fashion designers (both Bumiputras and non-Bumiputras), the

45-active member association gathers like-minded individuals who design clothing, home furnishing, jewellery, fashion accessories, artisanal textiles and fabrics, artwork as well as people who provide ancillary fashion services such as modelling, photography, make-up artistry, graphic design, videography, copywriters, master of ceremony/ host, fashion business consultation, mentorship programmes, technology, tailoring and manufacturing.


MBDA stands for Malaysian Bumiputra Designer Association where the members and partners are:

  • Malaysian Fashion Designers (Bumiputra and Non-Bumiputra)

  • Clothing, Home Furnishing, Jewellers, Fashion Accessories

  • Services related to fashion: Models, Photographers, Make-up Artists and others

  • Learning institutions that focus on fashion

  • Digital online platforms; Fashion Hub by MBDA, Aladdin1, Lazada, Zalora, Shopee and Vettons.


Subject Matter Experts on all facets of the fashion and creative industry MBDA strives to be the voice that assists to shape the Malaysian Fashion, Lifestyle and Creative ecosystem. Members of MBDA leverage on the strength of each other to succeed in the fashion business thus, creating an ecosystem that supports and creates Malaysian made products that are superior in quality bearing in mind the principles of high ethical standards, and the desire to reignite a sustainable Malaysian economic growth.

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